Infura news, product announcements, and press releases.

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London Fork

The Infura team describes the technical details and changes which may be needed for a project to be London fork and EIP-1559 compatible.

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Arbitrum supported by Infura

Today, we are excited to announce that we are adding support for Arbitrum as a continuation of our efforts to support the Ethereum ecosystem to increase throughput and optimise gas costs. Arbitrum, created by Offchain Labs, uses optimistic roll-up technology, which allows for high throughput and low gas cost smart

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New and Improved IPFS

Today we are very pleased to announce the private beta launch of a new and improved IPFS. Over the last four years, Infura has provided developers with a simplified access path to Ethereum and IPFS. In setting up the first public IPFS APIs and Gateway alongside our Ethereum API, we

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