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EthQL: Transform How You Interact with the Ethereum Blockchain

ICYMI, last week 1200 developers came together in San Francisco for the 2019 GraphQL summit: a global event dedicated to innovations in GraphQL and best in-class implementations. Among Web2 giants like Microsoft, AirBnB, Paypal and globally recognized media brands like the New York Times, one voice represented Web3: Infura Developer

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Building Better Ethereum Infrastructure

Senior Systems Engineer Jee Choi demonstrating how Infura handles data requests at Devcon VIt’s been four weeks since three thousand builders and creators converged in Osaka to attend Devcon V: the annual conference for Ethereum developers. Across three days the Ethereum community came together to exchange ideas, attend

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Optimizing Performance and Cost: Infura Benchmark Analysis

As the growth of the Ethereum network usage by real-world decentralized applications like CryptoKitties has exploded over the past year, the underlying infrastructure demands to support this traffic has grown exponentially. Infura is committed to being a core infrastructure provider who ensures that all of that request traffic looking for

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