We’re happy to share that IPFS 0.5, the largest upgrade to the IPFS protocol and Public Network yet, is now available on the Infura IPFS service. The upgrade offers major performance and reliability updates so that you can distribute content peer-to-peer more efficiently. The improvements to the Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and stability of peering allow us to provide an even more reliable product and continue to get IPFS into the hands of dapp developers.

Upgraded Subdomain Gateway Support

Version 0.5 allows Infura to provide a faster, more secure IPFS gateway, enabled by having the root content identifier (CID) be a subdomain, rather than part of the path portion of the URL. The upgraded subdomain gateway support ensures that every dapp gets its own browser origin and makes it easier to write websites that are compatible with IPFS because absolute paths will now work. This greatly improves the security of our offering while helping us support some great new features.

The previous, path-based Infura IPFS gateway will remain in the short term, but will redirect automatically to the new subdomain-based one. All users should migrate to the subdomain-based gateway, as the path-based gateway will eventually be deprecated. We will provide ample communication and timelines before any services are changed, but if you want handle your migration to the subdomain-based gateway now, here’s how to do so:

Ensure that your code or libraries no longer reference IPFS resources on Infura endpoints via URLs of the form:


And instead only utilize URLs of the form:


As the subdomains are case insensitive, the CID format also changes to become a CIDv1 with the base32 encoding.

As an example:


will become


And that’s it! 🎉

Looking forward, IPFS v0.6 is coming soon and we’re working hard towards the launch of our premium IPFS product. This product will expand on the current API functionality, provide a full dashboard and the latest auth integration, and offer an overall more reliable and scalable solution for developers with production ready applications. We will have much more on this in the coming months.

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