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We hope everyone had another safe and productive month! This past month, the number of daily transactions on Ethereum reached an all-time high of 1.4 million and over at Infura, we have been processing over 2 billion eth_calls *per day* 🎉, fueled in large part by the frenzy of activity in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. As we look forward to some exciting launches in the coming months that will expand the Infura Web 3.0 development suite, we want to ensure that we remain true to our mission: to provide developers with everything they need to build next-generation software, businesses, and applications.

So.. this month's roundup brings you an IPFS upgrade and tutorials, information on how to get involved in the Filecoin Space Race, an invite to Trufflecon, access to the ConsenSys Ethereum Developer Portal, and more!

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Getting ready for Eth2 Mainnet!

Phase 0 mainnet launch is closing in and we want to hear from you. Are you gearing up to be a validator or planning to do some exciting Eth2 analyses? We want to be ready for whatever use-case you are planning so please reach out with any feedback or questions!

(Notice!) HTTP API endpoint deprecation

We will be deprecating some legacy HTTP API endpoints, and they will become completely inaccessible on November 4, 2020. All of the affected endpoints serve data that is already available to Infura users via alternative ways, so the impact of this should be minimal. Please check this announcement or the Infura status page for updates and more details, and for any further questions drop us a message.

IPFS Tutorials + Say Hello to go-ipfs 0.7!

In an effort to pioneer a better internet, developers are turning to decentralized data networks as a way to improve data resiliency and create new models around data ownership. Emerging technologies like the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) can allow us to improve Web 2.0’s underlying protocols with the goal of making the internet safer and more secure by distributing data across a vast, global network of peers.

Lastly, there's a NEW release of go-ipfs 0.7, with significant security and performance improvements - including disabling SECIO. If you're running a version of IPFS prior to 0.5, please upgrade if you want your node to exchange data with us through the p2p network.

Introducing the Ethereum Developer Portal

If you have experience as a web developer much of what you already know applies to blockchain development. Check out some awesome new resources on the ConsenSys Developer Portal to introduce you to what’s different about blockchain development so you can start exploring and building. Included you will find tutorials on sending transactions, creating smart contracts, and launching decentralized applications, as well as documentation from Infura, MetaMask, ConsenSys Quorum, ConsenSys Codefi, and ConsenSys Diligence!

Reflecting on Infura’s four year journey to expand access to Ethereum

We’re proud to be building the most reliable tools in the industry and to see the number of developers with high volume, production-grade applications continuing to grow. Today, our service supports over 100,000 registered developers, a rich and varied universe of decentralized projects, and some of the largest consumer apps in the ecosystem.

See our latest post to learn about some of the most impressive projects in the ecosystem and what excites us as we look towards the future.

Are You a Filecoin developer? Enter Slingshot and Join the Filecoin Space Race 🚀

Slingshot is a community competition run by the Filecoin team to encourage storage clients and developers to store valuable, usable data onto the Filecoin Space Race testnet - and rewards them for it in FIL. The more real, useful data you onboard onto the Space Race testnet, the more you earn 💸

Infura is committed to supporting Filecoin developers and we’re delighted to be a part of the Slingshot community review panel: participating in Filecoin community governance, reviewing participants and projects, and ultimately supporting the long-term health of the Filecoin network.

There are 15 days left to compete so head here to sign up and get involved.

Brace Yourself for Trufflecon

On November 6 & 7 EDT, Truffle is running their annual virtual developer conference to provide builders with DeFi, Dev Tool and UX workshops to help them build bigger and better on blockchain. Best of all, you can attend from your living room.

Michael Godsey, General Manager and Product Director for Infura will be presenting on Friday, November 6th from 3:30PM-4:00PM PT. We have some pretty exciting features lined up for release in October and November and in this session, Mike will give you a sneak preview of what’s launching, explore how these features integrate with Truffle to come together and supercharge development.

🎟️ Grab your ticket and secure a spot! 🎟️

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