If you’re developing Blockchain solutions, you’re probably waiting for the day that you can jump into Visual Studio (VS) Code and build applications on public networks.

Through a collaboration with the Azure Blockchain team at Microsoft, we’re excited to announce that Infura is now natively supported in the Azure Blockchain Development Kit extension for VS Code! This integration makes it easy for developers to access and send requests to their Infura projects on any of our supported Ethereum networks — without having to leave the VS Code interface.

Connecting to Infura in VS Code

Step 1: Install the Azure Blockchain Development Kit extension and open VS Code:

Step 2: Connect your Infura account:

Inside VS Code, press CTRL+Shift+P (CMD+Shift+P on MacOS) to access the dropdown. You’ll see the option to “Sign in to an Infura account”. Select this option to start the Infura OAuth flow. Once you’ve authorized access to your Infura account, you’ll be returned to the VS Code interface. In the right section of the bottom bar you’ll now see “Infura: <Your email>”, indicating you’ve successfully logged in.

Step 3: Now you can create a new Infura project, or select an existing one, and your connection will be handled automatically:

Step 4: Navigate to the charm window to choose your endpoint. Select ‘mainnet’ to deploy to the Ethereum main network, or select Ropsten, Rinkeby, Goerli or Kovan to deploy to one of our Ethereum test networks:

That’s it, you’re done! Download the extension to start using Infura directly from VS Code.

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