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This month's roundup is brimming with exciting news! There are new additions to the ConsenSys product family, an IPFS upgrade is available, we take a look at how Nori is using Infura to generate and manage thousands of carbon removal certificates on Ethereum, and share details on how to access to our Eth2 API (now live on the Medalla testnet!)

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Quorum has joined the ConsenSys product family

ConsenSys Quorum is an open-source protocol layer that provides developers with all the configurable options needed to take an Enterprise-grade blockchain solution from concept to production. It comes with a suite of configurable components and APIs to support diverse use cases and production environments.

By incorporating J.P. Morgan’s Quorum into the ConsenSys’ stack of infrastructure and applications, ConsenSys can offer developers the choice of their preferred enterprise Ethereum client without sacrificing functionality, features, and performance.

In addition to acquiring Quorum, ConsenSys has received a strategic investment from J.P. Morgan. This investment will enable Infura to accelerate our roadmap and offer the most robust Ethereum infrastructure for developers everywhere.

For more details on the acquisition and how Quorum will fit into the new ConsenSys stack, check out this blog post.

IPFS 0.5 is here with a new and improved gateway

We’re happy to share that IPFS 0.5, the largest upgrade to the IPFS protocol and Public Network yet, is now available with our Infura IPFS service! The upgrade offers major performance and reliability updates so that you can distribute content peer-to-peer more efficiently.

Read this announcement for an overview on what you need to do to migrate to the upgraded subdomain-based gateway.

Customer Story: Nori

Former ConsenSys hackathon winner Nori is a blockchain-based platform for incentivizing sustainable farming practices and marketplace for verified carbon removals. Learn how Nori is using Infura’s instant access APIs to generate and manage thousands of certificates of carbon removal on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our Eth2 API is now live on the Medalla testnet

Our steady march towards Ethereum 2.0 continues as our Eth2 API is now live on the Medalla testnet!

If you'd like access to our Eth2 private beta, apply now to register your interest. Users who are already part of our beta can access Medalla today!

Meet Metamask Mobile

ICYMI, the MetaMask team just launched their Mobile app 🎉 It’s free to download and available to all iPhone and Android users.

As you'd expect, the app utilizes MetaMask’s key vault, secure login, and wallet to manage your digital assets. You can use it to generate passwords and keys on your phone and keep your accounts secure, control what information you share and  - ta da! - you can also browse Web3 and discover new dapps!

If you're a MetaMask user, you've probably been eagerly anticipating this. Head here to check it out.

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