In June of 2020, we launched a private beta for our Eth2 API (also known as the Beacon Chain API or the Consensus Layer API). Since then, Infura has actively supported the testing and development of what is now known as the Consensus Layer of Ethereum by:

With the Merge having occurred in mid-September, we are going to take the opportunity to deprecate our existing Beacon Chain API that has been in public beta for the last year and a half. This will give us the opportunity to plan for next steps as we continue to support Ethereum.

All Ethereum endpoints on and after October 12, 2022 will now be found on an existing Web3 API Key or by creating a new Web3 API Key. By clicking “Manage Key” once a Key has been created, you can view the Ethereum endpoints on the “Endpoints” page. On October 12th, these offerings will be Ethereum’s mainnet Execution Layer, and the Execution Layers of the Ethereum testnets Goerli and Sepolia. These networks support both HTTP and WebSocket. We are committed to supporting the Ethereum roadmap, and are excited for the future of Ethereum under Proof-of-Stake consensus.

As we have future announcements related to our Ethereum API, we will continue to share information about them via our blog, community calls, community forum, Discord, documentation, emails, in-application notifications, newsletter, status page, and Twitter.