Infura is proud to be one of the core products in the newly formed ConsenSys software business among our talented colleagues PegaSys, MetaMask, and Codefi.

We’ve always been laser-focused on providing the best Ethereum-based blockchain tools and infrastructure to empower developers to build amazing Web3 software. Over the last four years, Infura has become critical infrastructure for a diverse population of Web3 businesses. Today, the strength, reliability and speed of our platform is unmatched and we serve thousands of developers every day.

We remain committed as ever to our mission and we see a future where Infura, PegaSys, MetaMask and Codefi bring the best developer tools to market through the ConsenSys software business. While these tools will have their origins in Web3, they’ll become the standard for all developers and applications of any kind.

This is just the beginning.

As always, we're here to help. If you have any questions, product feedback or feature ideas, join the Infura Community to connect with our team. You can learn more about Infura at or register for free to start building on Ethereum and IPFS.